Text Messaging Service

Text Messaging Service enables corporate clients to use the info service offered by the RadioSMS, to offer different set of services to their new and existing clients. You can customize the solution according to the particular requirement. If you are a corporate and let’s enable your clients to get updates about the new information, weather reports, sport events, banking information and much more you can think.

By connecting text messaging service you create advance services like SMS Games, Lottery Setups, Quizzes, Parking, and off-course support your custom needs.

How Info Service Works?

Using Text Messaging Service, your customer can interact with “Info service system”, our Info System recognizes the incoming requests, extracts the parameters from the message text and forwards them to further processing in order to create a reply to the user.

SMS Info Service Flow Diagram

Text Messaging Info Service Works Flow Diagram

Info service can run SQL query on an external database to create the reply, execute external application, return predefined text, or read the text file to get the reply.

Info service allows external applications to easily send SMS messages. For this purpose, a named pipe server is created and applications can use it to communicate with Radio SMS.

For further details in setting up an easy-to-use, cost effective the list of available SMS Info solutions for your radio station, please contact on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it