SMS TV Application is meant for creating interactive events; our TV Chat service facilitates you to show incoming SMS messages on TV or another screen displaying device.

For displaying the visual appearance of the chat, there are various options available in our application. Further to allow the flow of the chat various options are available i.e. spacing, speed direction. Further it also allows managing text, chat position and background image.

Our software allows the scrolling of the chat text in perfect and smooth manner even while you are using an average computer having a low-cost graphical card. For the broadcasting purposes, the chat can also be displayed in full screen mode or any other monitor connected to the system i.e. TV/ video beam/ or a secondary monitor.

SMS TV Application allows formatting options at an advanced level allow you to fully define the final output text. This application, allows a message from a particular to be displayed as “Harold”. In this regard Address Book is there to get real name.

Inappropriate content can be managed through Content Filter option in our SMS TV Application. It can be used to spot and reform the incoming messages with. If a message has an offensive remark/word then it will be earmarked marked by the Content Filter, and hte degrading remark/word will be changed with “OFE”.

“Chat moderator” can easily manage the received messages. He can evaluate, prepare them for putting them in queue on the screen. This helps him to have a very deliberate control over the messages coming from the subscribers and prioritising them.

This TV Chat can also be spontaneously sent to another distant data source, therefore one can use other applications for processing purposes

Auto responses can also be generated with our application, with the laid down parameters. These auto responses could be in term of date and time. This will help the chat moderator to manage more messages within limited time.

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