Wide variety selection for multiple industries, based on users interaction while you wanted to conduct a survey to know more about the quality of service for your products or services. SMS Poll provides sms to screen results, you can get the sms live results when you start conducting the survey. SMS Poll service enables you to give opportunity to your audience to give opinion about your products and services you have to offer already or wanted to launch.

You may create various kinds of attractive SMS Voting events or surveys, opinion polls, quizzes for:

Conduct SMS Competitions

Market Researches

Promotion & Event Planners

SMS for Business

Public Service Messages

Education & Students

SMS Voting and SMS Poll application

SMS Voting and SMS Poll application allow you to run and manage unlimited number of voting services at the same time. By using advance filtering options involve in the Voting system make customer happy and gives more productive environment, filtering like:

  • Message Prefix
  • Short Code
  • Converting Incoming Number into address book name
  • Store Sender and Recipient Numbers

Filtering is totally automatic process and based on the filtering options selected from the admin area.

HOW SMS Poll Works?

All incoming votes and conducted poll messages will hand over automatically to the appropriate voting services area, within voting service, received messages are classified according to the list of predefined voting answers. Each voting answer may include multiple keywords which will be used as synonyms.

Automatic replies, which may contain various parameters, can be sent as responses to received messages. For example: “Your vote for %AnsName% has scored %AnsVotes% votes.” will return the information about the current score of the answer.

Voting service has comprehensive support for setting the limits for the number of accepted answers per contact (e.g. each contact must send at least three different answers).

Voting service in Radio SMS Application works in real-time – changes to its settings (e.g. modifying the list of voting answers or changing the limits options) are applied immediately and reflected to voting results.

In which a proper statistics-cal mechanism applied on them, and it will create real time numerical and graphical results for you. The visual appearance of voting results chart is fully configurable. For the purpose of presenting it to the public, the chart can be displayed in full screen mode on any monitor attached to the system (e.g. video beam, TV out, secondary monitor…).

Voting results may be automatically exported to external data source, allowing you to use external applications for further processing (e.g. web publishing).

For the list of available SMS Voting solutions, please visit send email to info@dataslices.com. RadioSMS will provide all the assistance and setup with special discounted prices for your custom requirements.

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